"Marine Agency Fortrans-Odessa" (MAF-Odessa) was established as a privately owned enterprise in the February 1997. Since that time it has become well known among Black Sea&Mediterranean charterers, shipowners and brokers as professional, reliable and experienced company specializing in the agency services on various commodities (including but not limited to oil and oil products, metals, woods, grain etc) for all types of vessels in the ports of Odessa, Illyichevsk, Yuzhny, Nikolaev, Sevastopol, Port Kavkaz and others.
Currently we are one of the leading agencies among more than 100 in our region. MAF-Odessa provided ship's agency service to all crude oil and most of the fuel oil tankers at Odessa port from May 2000 till the end of 2004 with a total volume over 1 400 000 mt per month.
During above mentioned period MAF served more than 700 motor vessels at Odessa port solely. On that basis we can state that we have dealt with all possible difficulties and problems which could arise from handling vessels in the ports. The extensive experience of the company's staff enable to our clients to minimize any kinds of risks and avoid extra costs even in the most difficult situations.
Unfortunately the total volume of goods transhipped at Ukrainian ports over the last years has decreased dramatically but nevertheless may we suggest that you test our ability to be your shipping agent in the future calls of your good Ladies at Ukraine ports.
Hope for fruitful mutual cooperation. We will be happy to consider any acceptable conditions. If you have any questions please contact us, we will revert with pleasure if any additional information is required.

Yours faithfully Igor Davidenko

TEL: (380 487) 29 46 25 (2 LINES)
(380 487) 29 47 57
FAX: (380 487) 29 32 97
TLX: 940 70 555 G (UK)
MOB: (380 67) 4804449